No waiting charges for the first hour after you land…

Our system minimises any waiting charges, so if you’re stuck waiting for your bags, or have to join the back of a huge queue to get through customs, you don’t need to worry about the price of your journey with us increasing for the first hour after you land. That gives you plenty of time to get through the queues.


Our rates are often more competitive than many of our competitors’. Why pay more to ride in a car that may not have impeccable décor, punctuality and Wi-Fi connectivity?

Chauffeur Exchange ensures that you will never have to exchange safety, quality or punctuality for a ride to the airport.


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Business man opening car door


We never have and never will compromise on safety. We go to unprecedented efforts when taking care of our vehicles to ensure that all of their parts are fully updated and working perfectly. This gives you a safer, more comfortable and more stylish airport transfer than you would be able to book anywhere else.

GET me to the airport on time